Gloss is a speculative conservation project related to Sky Blue Mythic, a dance work by Angela Goh, first staged in 2020. Taking form as a growing accumulation of scores, annotations, chronicles, maps, inventories, demo videos, and correspondences, Gloss is an attempt to transcribe that which can not be translated and as such needs to be forged. It borrows techniques and strategies from archiving and conservation, and repositions them as methods for keeping an artwork alive and growing—as multiple things, rather than as one thing fixed in time. Gloss, as in glossary, not in order to define something, but to keep searching for what it might be.

Gloss was first conceived after an invitation from Michelangelo Miccolis to exhibit a process as part of a dual residency and exhibition at Shedhalle, Zurich and the Shedhalle Virtual Greenroom. At the time, I was busy re-learning Sky Blue Mythic and preparing to perform the solo again after a year since the last performance. Gloss became an attempt to find a way back into the world of the work, and simultaneously a process of archiving and an archive of process. A further invitation from Bree Richards to produce material for New Zealand based gallery Blue Oyster's online space resulted in a month-long email correspondence. Vast and knotty, the written exchange hones in and expands outwards the intertwining worlds of both Sky Blue Mythic and Gloss.

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